About Us

Our Beginnings

Winnipeg’s #1 Painters started as the inevitable collaboration of two reliable go-to guys around Winnipeg painting jobs, Biya and Aaron. Their skills, smarts, and work ethic made it inevitable that they would work together.

Their first job was a doozy, repairing smoke damage in a remote location. It was a hot summer. The smoky environment and stain-blocking primer needed to cover said smoke made the air stifling. They nevertheless prevailed, leaving a nicely appointed house in their wake. Each had learned the same lesson: that the other the best painter they’d ever worked with.

The next spring, they registered Winnipeg’s #1 Painters. Their mission since has been to deliver on that lofty name.

Why Choose Us

We are a full-service painting company, able to complete any aspect of a paint job, and specializing in wood staining and finishing. We’ve cultivated relationships with an array of tradesmen, and some of the best carpenters in Manitoba, allowing us to solve diverse problems and provide unique services.

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