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We know that great communication is the “primer” of every great paint job. That’s why we offer our customers a variety of options to best suit their needs and budget. Our first goal is to ensure that you never receive a service that you don’t need, but do get everything you do need for the best possible paint job.


Whatever your project, Winnipeg’s #1 Painters has proven ability to work within a commercial context, whether on new construction or in commercial space renovations. We deliver excellent results, and possess a deep knowledge of available materials to assist your project through the design and specification phases, to completion.

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Every house is different and every house provides unique challenges. Our breadth of experience means there’s little we haven’t seen before, and less that we can’t solve. While working in or on your home, we respect your space, whether that means moving in phases through your project, or completing the entire job as efficiently as possible in order to restore your total domain as quickly as possible.

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The closeness and constancy of interior surfaces demand a digital precision that still maintains an intimate and humane relationship to us as building occupants. Our understanding of light and lines makes interior spaces vibrant and livable

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Manitoba is a province of fierce elements. Painting exteriors to withstand those elements provides challenges unlike any other. We know that under it all, a well-prepared surface is vital to holding the best paint.

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Wood is a dynamic material, that can grant unparalleled beauty. Staining wood is a unique facet of our skill set. Whether you seek architectural or furniture finishes, with a spray, brush, or wipe-on application, we are equipped and able to provide stunning wood finishes.

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